Back In Love
Sammi and Ronnie talk about how much they're going to miss each other.
Jersey Shore Dailies | Video | Back In Love
Back In Love
Sammi and Ronnie talk about how much they're going to miss each other.

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  • jerseyshorelover jerseyshorelover commented | 21 months ago
    sammie and ron did good this summerr with out fighting
  • kaykay kaykay commented | 22 months ago
    they look so cute
  • sexiiismhe sexiiismhe commented | 23 months ago
    they'e just gone to end up fighting again
  • TooReal4Ya TooReal4Ya commented | 24 months ago
    I think Sammi changed alot from Season 1. I think during Season 1...Ronnie was just a hookup for her but he fell really hard for her. I think now they are both at the same place (in love) at the same time and can now just focus on building on what they have. I like Snookie but Snookie just wanted a man...any man would do. Snookie is w/ Jionni all b/c he's the only one willing to be w/ her...hmmm...I wonder why...especially after knowing she hooked up w/ his cousin Jeff. JMann is still mad at the world because she was born with both x and y chromosomes...enough said.
  • jaytamine jaytamine commented | 25 months ago
    Rammi and Sonnie
  • franjerseyshore franjerseyshore commented | 25 months ago
    true love right there, good for them ok
  • samron13 samron13 commented | 25 months ago
    @TooReal4Ya did you not just watch the same thing I just did???? they're obviously madly in love with each other and were in love the entire show. even though they're broken up right now doensnt mean they dont care for each other. after this season they broke up cuz of distance..not lack of love. and sammi IS happy with ronnie and ronnie IS happy with sammi. so stut your mouth.
    BTW, season 5 didnt suck. u just didnt like it cuz there wasnt enough drama. this season showed us that they all have a noncrazy side, and it was fun to see something dufferent
  • TooReal4Ya TooReal4Ya commented | 25 months ago
    I don't like them together b/c I think Sammi will be destroyed once he is out of her life for good. It's kinder to just break it off and let her move on w/ someone else. I just think Ronnie is too selfish...he wants to play the field but, for whatever reason, he won't let her go. I can't stand Ronnie. At least Pauly D won't smash Deena b/c he doesn't want to hurt her feelings (plus she's butt ugly)...that shows he has a heart. Ronnie has no heart and Sammi is head over heels in love w/ him. Sammi's not the kind of gurl who does random hookups (like Snookie, Deena, and JMann). I just want Sammi to be happy...regardless...P.S. Season 5 SUCKED!!!!!!!!!!
  • SmartGirl_7007 SmartGirl_7007 commented | 25 months ago
    Aww i love this clip. Tear :'(
  • Angelina Angelina commented | 25 months ago
    Awwwww! to bad they are not together any more!! they looked so happy and in love!! they should try again
  • 128Carmen 128Carmen commented | 25 months ago
    I was never a huge fan of these two but italy and this season i realized how much they do care about each other this video is adorable. I hope they can work it out in the future and give Snookis kids some guido cousins! Lol!!
  • Lilly Nguyen Lilly Nguyen commented | 25 months ago
    idk why i cant watch it?
  • Romana Romana commented | 25 months ago
    Omg so extremely cute I could watch this a hundred times and I could watch 10 seasons of them being in love and a occasional fight. Ron seems so genuinely happy, I didn’t expect anything like this from him anymore.
    Wish they would get back together and do what Snooki and Jionni are doing,
    they would be more interesting to watch.
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